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Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802), by profession a doctor, was a scientist, an inventor, a poet and original thinker. He was a founder member of the Birmingham Lunar Society. His grandson was Charles Darwin. From 1756 to 1781 Erasmus lived in Lichfield. The Darwin Walk is an original memorial to this unique individual.

This circular walk links rights of way and creates a 10 mile route round the saucer like perimeter of the city and provides views of the cathedral spires-The Ladies of the Vale, as well as the spires of St. Michaels and St. Marys. These five spires are represented on the logo for the walk, and appear on way marks as well as the badges.

This site provides information about:

  • The four organised walks each year including dates and start locations

  • The origins of the walk

  • The Darwin Walk Trust which manages the Walk

  • Directions and the route of the walk including a downloadable map

  • Supporting the Trust-how you can help including how to make a donation

  • The annual newsletter

  • Links to other sites including Darwin House, Lichfield


The Erasmus Darwin Walk is a Registered Charity, Registration No 517859

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On the walk